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Do you have a love of culture, beaches, landscapes, history, or animals? Tours in Asia has something for you. There are many places you won’t experience when travelling solo, a day tour or 12-day tour may be what you need.

Start yourself off with a day tour walking in the shoes of the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war. Have a glimpse of what it was like to climb through the Cu Chi tunnels the soldiers dug. The tunnels were dug by hand and in the peak of the war covered distance of 250km.

Lengthier tours may involve more variety. Learn to cook curries in Sri Lanka, snorkel in the turquoise seas of Bali or cycle Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Accommodation is not always your standard bed in a hotel room.

You can spend a night in a temple in Japan sleeping on tatami mats after trying some traditional Sake.

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