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Central America, one big playground and a place for all! Paddle or dive in the bordering oceans and swim with sea turtles. Trek through rugged mountains or zip line through the rainforests.

Even for the adventurists you can’t go past seeing the ruins spread across Mexico to Honduras. Still to this day you can visit and take a step back in time. Connect to the ancient past as you explore the temples and pyramids at places like Caracol.

Undecided if you’d like a relaxing beach holiday or a surf trip? Central America gives you the best of both worlds. On one side is Costa Rica offering some of the best surf breaks. Whilst you’ll get Caribbean vibes on the opposite side.

Swimming with whale sharks is incredible and high on many buckets lists. One of the places to do this is in Honduras which borders Al Salvador. A country well known for its natural resources such as sugar cane, tropical fruits and coffee.

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