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Cruising in Asia

When you cruise Asia, you see the best of every country. Experience the bright lights in the lively cities, traditional architecture and breathtaking landscapes. Thailand cruises will take you to snorkel in some of the most beautiful waters. Or visit Chang Mai in North of Thailand to zipline through the rainforest.

Not far from Thailand is Vietnam where you can coast by the moss covered cliffsides in Halong Bay. In the bay, the cliffs will be towering over you as you kayak around the bay in the relaxing waters.

Rejuvenate and refresh yourself with a Japanese bath onboard the Japanese cruise. Among the kimonos and the colourful Harajuku district are the pink cherry blossoms.

Jumping onboard in the Cherry blossom season you will see the city flourish with shades of white and pink.

Onboard an Asian cruise you will experience the best of both worlds when it comes to dining. Family dinner favourites along with fresh sushi and fine Japanese whiskeys.

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