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Being the third largest of the worlds continents there are thousands of sites to visit and things to eat. The list would go on for days. The people of North America on average have the highest food intake of those in other continents.

Some may say they are the ones to ask about the well known meals of their continent. Why not try the biscuits and gravy, buffalo chicken wings or tuck into the America Apple pie.

4 oceans surround North America; Artic, Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific Oceans. As the Arctic blows cool winds, it creates the cold, long winters for those in the northern countries.

Temperatures drop rapidly from October and don’t increase until April-May. Perfect for those seeking to ski the slopes with 15,279 kilometres worth of it. Canada reaching top of the list for the skiers and boarders.

To get a grasp of the warmer months, visit during June to August. If you’re visiting in the months September to November are milder temperatures. Not to mention you will get to experience the Americas celebrate Halloween.

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