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One in seven New Zealanders identify as a Maori. Maori, an Indigenous Polynesian person of mainland New Zealand. Today, many tribes live in Rotarua such as the Ngāti Pikiao, Tūhourangi and Ngāti Whakaue tribes.

Experience the Maori culture, history, art and language and hear their stories. No better way to learn than from a local tour guide which may also be a carver, weaver, or chef of the tribe.

Tamatekapua is a son of Houmaitawhiti, a tribe leader. They belong to one of the larger tribes in Rotarua called Te Arawa. Instructed by his father he set out to Hauwaiki in their double hulled canoe to search for a new home. On their venture they came across a shark that saved the crew from a large sea creature eating them. Due to this encounter they renamed the tribe after this species of shark.

As tribes expanded and ventured out to other parts of the land, they came across other tribes. Resulting in some conflict, often settled with marriages.

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